To the bitter end

See an Emergency VW out and about? Post pics here.
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To the bitter end

Post by rolandrat » Sun Nov 24, 2013 4:40 pm

No EVW this time, but when I saw this unfortunate T3 Caravelle GL last Sat I had to post it. :(

Never underestimate a possible engine fire! Even a water-cooled is liable to it.


The sticker design is approximately as old as the Bus and an irony of fate: e:(


'Bis zum bitteren Ende' = To the Bitter End is the first live album of the German punk band Die Toten Hosen, released in 1987.

The band's name literally translates 'The Dead Trousers'. 'Tote Hose' is an expression for 'nothing going on' or 'dead boring'.

Legendary fact: at their first gig in 1982 they were wrongly announced as 'Die Toten Hasen' = The Dead Rabbits. :lol:

What might happen next? This post is furthermore a stern warning to haul a vehicle on a trailer the right way round! In case of a rear-engined car one has to back it on the trailer, the centre of gravity ought to be on the tow bar. :geek:

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