Vicky's Pre-Scotland Service

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Vicky's Pre-Scotland Service

Post by Dubmatix » Wed Jun 11, 2014 9:08 pm

We are attempting another Scotland trip so Vicky (our van!) is getting a long overdue full service. Whilst i was fitting the Butty's bits throttle pedal linkage and cable runs in the belly pans for an oil pressure gauge, i noticed that the steering damper looked a bit oily! in fact it had oil drips on it. So on Monday night i removed it and well. oh dear! It hardly had any resistance at all! So a replacement was ordered which is now on the Spam dispenser table begging to be fitted whilst i procrastinate on here. It's much better and should improve the motorway handling a little though i may need to start lifting weights.

I've also made a little adapter to fit in the clock space with a voltmeter and switch to allow both batteries to be monitored along with oil pressure. I'll post some pics up of that when i get a bit nearer to finishing off all these works.

I've also hooked up some solar panels to the shed roof that feed in to a pair of fused crock clips that connect on to the van when she's parked up in the garage. Keeps the batteries topped up nicely.

That's all for now but i'll post some pics up shortly.

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