Vicky on the Road 2018

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Vicky on the Road 2018

Post by Dubmatix » Mon Sep 03, 2018 11:12 pm

Vicky the Wirstbude has been enjoying some running this year with a visit to Stanford Hall in Leicestrshire, a few trips to work and a couple of local classic car shows.
So far this year she has had 4 new tyres to replace the ones fitted when she was decommissioned. Black Circles online order for some cracking commercial tyres with the reinforces sidewalls look the part and ride well. The leisure battery was flat but the good people at Tayna batteries honoured the four year warranty that only had 2 weeks to run and so she has a brand new leisure battery too.

She has needed some polishing for some fine scratches on the door after getting a little "hangar rash" whilst being stored next ot my active beetle resto project. All in all she's polished up well, needs waxing but that's another job on the list!

We have a work classic car day on Wednesday so i will try to get some pictures up from that.

We plan to take her away for a week in October, i just need to make a bracket for my oil pressure switch extension piece (42 Draft designs) so it has a proper mount.

Looking forward to seeing more EVWs around, though sadly i cannot make Busfest due ot other commitments (the inlaws are here!).
Keep us posted with what you are up to !


(:D (:D (:D

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