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Tayna Batteries

Posted: Tue Apr 10, 2012 9:14 pm
by Dubmatix
Just got my new mail order leisure battery from these guys. Very helpful and good descriptions. The Elecsol 100Ah RH +Ve, is the one i picked and fits perfectly in the LH tray inthe engine bay and the terminals are correct for the TEL 80 Brunn conversion (VW T2b - 1977) /\:) Good warranty too!

Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 3:29 pm
by surfcarrot
This is spooky........... I got an ELECSOL 100 Carbon Fibre Leisure Battery from Tanya last May for Tango ;)

PS I have been very pleased with it and the company I used............ now let me think........... they were called Tanya! :) () :lol:

Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2012 8:55 pm
by Dubmatix
That is rather spooky! Same battery! Same supplier :shock: (:D This supplier was recommended to me by a guy i know that has a Viking conversion. So...that's three recommendations /\:)

The good thing with that battery is that it comes in two versions depending on which way round you want the terminals. The (seemingly) less common + Right is the one you need if the Brunn wiring is still in situ.


Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Sun Jun 29, 2014 10:17 pm
by Dubmatix
Lost my receipt and my battery is dead. Sitting at 10.9 volts a week after charging to the brim with nothing to discharge it. :cry: It did spend some time a bit on the low side so maybe i didn't treat it so well!
Now Elecsol have gone bust...i am wondering why...

Will report back after i discuss this with Tayna.


Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Mon Jun 30, 2014 12:12 am
by custardbomb
Hello John,

I was a distributor once for Elecsol so I can pass the following comments from my experiences from either personal experience, read about customer experiences or speaking to customers.

Elecsol as you rightly point out are no longer trading due to three contributing factors; misleading advertising, the batteries were wildly regarded as not being very good and the customer service offered by Steve was appalling who regularly was rude to, shouted at and hung up on customers.

As an example a model may have been labelled as 'Elecsol 100' which consumers assumed meant 100Ah although no specific mention was made that 100 was capacity (it was just a number). This case size battery 175 x 190 x 353 at the time was physically only capable of being 90Ah C20 i.e. 90 amps could be discharged over 20 hours; there is a maximum capacity any one case size can be and its physically impossible for anyone else to make a higher one. The higher values used by Elecsol as was more common at the time were almost certainly C100 i.e. 100 amps discharged over 100 hours therefore consumers assumed they were getting more than they actually were. Comparisons between battery capacities should only be made at the C20 rating i.e. how many amps can be discharged over 20 hours. Also the blind tests I have read and when I have spoken to reps where they were aware of the batteries that were tested informed me that Elecsol batteries did not perform close to what was advertised and discrepancies of tens of Ah's were reported. They also offered a five year warranty, however this was only valid direct with Elecsol and only if the warranty card was completed and returned with an original invoice to Elecsol. The battery would need to be returned at the customers expense to Elecsol where testing would be undertaken to determine if the battery failed of a manufacturing defect.

As with all batteries the warranty period only covers manufacturing defects that cause failure within the period, bad cells would be an example; the worlds largest manufacturer Varta only offer two years on their batteries for a reason which says something; Elecsol offering five years led consumers to assume incorrectly that the battery would last for five years and be replaced free of charge if it failed within that period. Battery failure is far more likely to be a consequence of user care and maintenance issues; i.e. failures caused by overcharging, undercharging, lack of use, not charging, running down too low whilst in use which causes sulphation of the plates, using the battery outside of its intended application i.e. using a high power inverter on a 'leisure battery' not an AGM or Gel Semi or Full traction etc. Any failures caused by such issues are not a fault of the battery.

My personal recommendation would be Numax which is the only brand of battery I now sell and I receive very very very few problems; this is the battery offered by Manbat. Other reputable manufacturers would be Rolls, Varta, Banner, Deta, Sonnenschein, Optima, Exide.

Tayna as a retailer are highly recommended across the web!


Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:12 pm
by Dubmatix
Chris, that's a very concise and informative reply and includes bits of what i had picked up when reading around the battery type but all in one place and with more! Thanks for that. A sailing forum i was reading was particularly detailed about case size limits and most seemed sceptical about it actually being 100Ah.

Anyway, it's done and Tayna are offering a discount off a new battery as Elecsol are no more which they don't have to do but is a nice gesture so i'm looking at some on there.

Thanks for the recommendations too, i recognise some from various bits of kit i've worked on (German: Sunshine) and some are famous (Exide!). But nothing beats a recommendation!

If only there was one a little taller that still fitted in the tray! My Elecsol appears to absorb about 16Ah before it showes as being full and then works for an hour or so. If left the off-load voltage drops and is now about 10.6V so i'd say a cell is out.

Need one soon!


Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Wed Jul 02, 2014 9:21 pm
by custardbomb
Good evening John,

Your more than welcome and I am glad to hear the post was off some help. What measurements have you got to play with?


Re: Tayna Batteries

Posted: Wed Sep 12, 2018 10:47 pm
by Dubmatix
I have a positive update on Tayna Batteries. My van's battery was refusing to accept charge leaving my charger in the charging state and never reaching trickle. Most likely one or more dead cells. I assumed it out of warranty and contacted Tayna to enquire about a replacment. Whilst on the phone i mentioned that this was from them and that it had been a good battery, they then offered to check on their system when it was purchased and it had 4 weeks left of the 4 year warranty. I said i'd like to return it in person but that i could make it for about 5 weeks due to other commitments and this was no problem for them.

On the day me and my son left early, dropped the battery off for testing at their base in North Wales just after 9am and then head off for Blaunau Ffestiniog for the Slate Mine for a trip underground (as the weather looked dodgy :{:) !) . A good day out there followed by stopping at the farm shop at Rhug Estates on thw way home for a rumpsteak burger and a play on the park (not me!). The following Monday my replacement was despatched and i now have a brand new one under the hood, albeit with an expired warranty, it didn't cost me anything...except for the day out in Wales, which we wouldn't have had if i'd just bought another! (:D

Top marks to Tayna and i would definitely buy my next one from them.